Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant

Manufacturing of spare parts, components and assembly units for mechanical and engineering. Casting by the methods of No-Bake, full-mold (Lost Foam process), into sand-clay molds. Iron casting: of gray, high-duty cast iron and cast iron with the special properties. Steel casting of carbon and special steel. Modern thermal processing and high-quality shot cleaning of castings.

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Our Plant


Lugansk Foundry and Mechanical Plant was formed in 1933. It has been a member of the Lugansk r egional d epartment of Ukrainian Alliance of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists from 1998.

The first stage of enterprise formation and development is connected with a number of serious programs on manufacturing of pipes, heating radiators, defense technology and other products.

As a result of the whole measure complex on technical re-equipment of the enterprise, the plant became the leading manufacturer of heating radiators in Ukraine . Since 1996 we produce radiators -140 1 500mm and 300mm. height, and they are considered to correspond to the best world analogs. It is ensured by the up-to-date production level, high professionalism of our managing and operational staff, well-organized marketing system. Products of the plant is in requisition both in domestic market and in Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Rumania, Uzbekistan, France, Finland and other countries. And also measures for development of our products marketability are successfully realized. In 2004 production of a new modification of radiators -140 4 began, notable for their higher service performance. In 2002 the plant began production of new iron break shoes for rolling stocks of C and F type. The project has been fulfilled within the Government Program of Expansion of the Rail Transport of the country, and has been highly appreciated by the Cabinet Council of. Later the format of this work considerably increased. In 2003 the plant began to produce L and T types of the manholes as a complete set (the body and the cover) for the communal service enterprises. Castings technology of the whole range of the products is assimilated for the engineering complex.

The main spheres of our activity are: iron casting into sand-clay moulds, moulding under Lost-Foam technology (lost patterns), iron and steel casting by No-Bake method.

Lugansk Foundry and Mechanical Plant is one of the most dynamically development enterprises in Lugansk. Realization volume of commercial output in 2002 increased more then 3 times comparing with 2000. In following years the tendency of production increasing continues. Along with this, the measures complex of the social character is implemented systematically and consistently. In the plant an effective system of education, job creation, material stimulation of efficient and qualitative labor acts. The plant is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it has the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14000:2004. The enterprise always takes part in International Exhibitions, and it has many diplomas .



Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant
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