Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant

Manufacturing of spare parts, components and assembly units for mechanical and engineering. Casting by the methods of No-Bake, full-mold (Lost Foam process), into sand-clay molds. Iron casting: of gray, high-duty cast iron and cast iron with the special properties. Steel casting of carbon and special steel. Modern thermal processing and high-quality shot cleaning of castings.

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No-Bake ( )

Technical capabilities of the automatic no-bake line by "OMEGA" with variable flasks size:

•  Productivity of the line 5 to 30 moulds/ hour

•  Flask size min. 1200 x 1000 x 250\250 up to 1200 x 2400 x 450\450

•  Castings weight 20 kg to 2000 kg

•  Production of one-off products up to 5000 kg is possible

•  Pattern equipment is produced on high-precision import equipment with drawings elaborated in SolidWork system.

•  Castings dimensions up to the maximum of 1800 x 1000 x 500;

•  Kinds of alloys: cast-iron, high-alloy and low-alloy steel.

The compactor system by "GEMCO" and the equipment complex including a foamerIPV-500P with capacity 800 kg/ hour, automatic presses IPS-1000, IPS-1800 make it possible for to produce castings within o.5 to 50 kg by the Lost Foam method.



Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant
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