Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant

Manufacturing of spare parts, components and assembly units for mechanical and engineering. Casting by the methods of No-Bake, full-mold (Lost Foam process), into sand-clay molds. Iron casting: of gray, high-duty cast iron and cast iron with the special properties. Steel casting of carbon and special steel. Modern thermal processing and high-quality shot cleaning of castings.

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For the best production quality corresponding international standards, Lugansk Foundry and Mechanical Plant conducts a technical re-equipping of production, buys new equipment and adopts modern technologies developed by the world leading companies.

New molding equipment by HWS , introduced by the Lugansk Foundry and Mechanical Plant, will make it possible to produce nearly 240 molds per hour on one molding automatic machine with the castings dimensions 1020x850x200/200. In the present time it is the most fast-acting molding equipment in the Eastern Europe countries, which is highly automated and adaptable. The new equipment is intended for simultaneous manufacturing of two different types of castings, for example, castings with cores of small weight and castings without cores of greater weight. Castings are made of gray cast iron or high-strength cast iron and steel alloys.

Sand preparation will be made on the new equipment by SAVELLI , which allows receiving molding sand with strictly specified physical and mechanical properties.

Considerable modernization will be made on the pouring area due to buying modern flood equipment by HWS .

Casting, which is completely automatic, guarantees 100% accuracy of technical operations and it's promote to receipt high accuracy and stable castings quality.

CHM (cold hardening mixtures) automatic line is installed.

Our plant completes the adjustment of the large-sized castings line by CHM (cold hardening mixtures) technology. Forming by CHM method intended for producing the large-sized castings from cast iron, low alloy and high-alloy steel.

The castings, which were produced by CHM method (No-Bake) on the basis of a furan resin, are notable with high quality of the surface, accuracy in dimensions, lack of the inner defects.

Technical opportunities of CHM automatic line, produced by OMEGA company with variable size of the flask:

•  Productivity of a line from 5 to 30 forms per hour;

•  Dimensions of flasks - min. 1200 x 1000 x 250\250 to 1200 x 2400 x 450\450;

•  Flasks weight - from 20kg. to 3000 kg .

•  It is possible to make one-off products up to 5000 kg ;

•  The casting is making on the high-precision imported equipment;

•  Maximum dimensions of the castings - 1800 x 1000 x 500;

•  Type of alloy cast iron, low alloy and high-alloy steel. For making orders and conclusion of contract, please, send us your letters and drawings for agreement. Development and manufacturing of the accessories carry out on the ground of the separate contract with 50% prepayment.

Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant
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