Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant

Manufacturing of spare parts, components and assembly units for mechanical and engineering. Casting by the methods of No-Bake, full-mold (Lost Foam process), into sand-clay molds. Iron casting: of gray, high-duty cast iron and cast iron with the special properties. Steel casting of carbon and special steel. Modern thermal processing and high-quality shot cleaning of castings.

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For mechanical engineering

We take orders for manufacturing of steel and iron castings.

We'll consider your orders for manufacturing of castings of spherical graphite iron, iron with special properties and carbon steel.

20 to 3000 kg by the No-Bake method on the automatic line by Omega company with variable flask sizes.

0.5 to 50 kg by the Lost Foam method . on the South Korean production complex, which includes a foaming machine IPV-500P with productivity 800kg per hour and automatic presses IPS-1OOO, IPS-1800.

- 1 to 2000kg. in send-clay moulds.

Designing and manufacturing of pattern equipment is made in the shortest time with the usage of advanced CAM-programs on up-to-date wood-router. The present equipment allows producing pattern and core equipment.

We carry out practically all chemical elements analysis of any alloy within 2-3 minutes on new equipment - express-laboratory Spectromax.

For making orders and conclusion of a contract, please, send us your letter and drawings for consideration and endorsement to our addresses: , .

Phone/fax: +38 (0642) 71-69-99, 71-69-69, 34 -31-11

Closed Joint- Stock Company Lugansk Foundry - Mechanical Plant
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